Electrocardiography (ECG)

ECGPage_integratedimageEnable ECG products strive to be a leader in providing accessible and diagnostically relevant high quality cardiac performance information. We recognize the need to move diagnostic heart monitoring out of the clinic and into the real world where the patient is living, working, and facing the stresses of life.

Enable modern ECG platform comprises three main components – effective long term electrode system, dynamic monitoring electronics, and analysis software and services

Electrode Products

Recent standards for ambulatory ECG monitoring have changed. Long term monitoring, up to 30 days, have been demonstrated to increase the chances of identifying cryptic atrial fibrillation by up to 5 times. Long term monitoring cannot be achieved using traditional gel electrodes

Enable’s proprietary dry electrode technology allows for up to 30 day patient monitoring without the need for adhesives or skin preparation. Its non-allergenic formulation, together with our adaptable harness allows for stable signal generation throughout the normal activities of a patient’s life.


  • Reusable
  • Removable
  • No skin preparation
  • Stable signal generation
  • Concealed within our proprietary ambulatory ECG harness
  • Available in 3 and 5 electrode configuration
  • Adaptable to most available ECG monitors


harness_monitor harness lady


ECG Monitoring Products

Enable monitoring products provide the balance of economical and flexible hardware development with complex monitoring algorithms to create a suite of adaptable products that can service a range of consumer level patient and clinical ambulatory ECG monitoring needs.


  • Up to 30 days full disclosure storage
  • Live mobile display integration
  • Flexible and modern digital data transmission
  • On the fly validated trace characterization
  • Dynamic live updates of key telemetry reporting
  • Stand alone analysis software or remote analysis services
  • Optional full integration with Enable electrodes and harness system
  • Products range from post-event recorder to all-in-one MCT/Holter/Event recorder



Software and Services

Enable ECG software solutions platform is a scalable feature set for displaying, annotating, analysing, and presenting the data derived from Enable monitoring and electrode products.


TraceVu Desk1 TraceVu Desk2 TraceVu Desk3 TraceVu Desk4 TraceVu Peek copy TraceVu Peek2


Regulatory Status
All product SFDA approvals expected in fall 2015