Enable Imaging Technologies

About_integrationImageIncorporated in 2011, Enable Imaging is a Canadian company focused on the development and commercialization of cardiovascular diagnostic medical devices within the emerging markets. Enable product offerings are divided between clinical services, diagnostic medical imaging, and electrocardiography systems. Our focus is serving our patient needs, and helping our doctors to get the most diagnostic information with the lowest demand of clinical resources.

Central to Enable Imaging product offerings is its Healthchek cloud infrastructure and Enable Clinical Services Infrastructure. Regardless of whether the product stream is vascular imaging (Vasqscan), or our electrocardiography line (AccuHeart); the clinical facing data acquisition hardware and software is designed for ease and throughput. The patient data is then passed through to our cloud data management platform for distribution to our clinical services infrastructure for analysis. The resulting clinical reports are then available to the clinician and/or our patients via the modality that serves them best – web, .pdf, or mobile!

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Enable Imaging Canada

Enable Canada is the global headquarters of the Enable family of companies. Located in London, Ontario; this group focuses on technology evaluation and acquisition, business development, and research and development. With a core team of engineers and software developers, Enable Canada takes a system solution approach to device development that begins at the concept stage, progresses through prototype development and bench and clinical validation, to transition the productization stage projects to the engineering, manufacturing, and regulatory group at Enable Imaging Beijing.

Enable Imaging Beijing

Enable Beijing is the manufacturing and customer facing side of the Enable Imaging family of companies. Its three locations in Beijing include our productization and manufacturing center, our clinical services support location, and our Vasqscan Outpatient Medical Clinic.

Our Partners

logo-tiantanBeijing Tian Tan Hospital

With its recognition as a world class neuroscience clinical institution, is a premier partner of Enable Imaging. By its clinical and research excellence, and progressive outlook, Tian Tan is model of how good clinical partnership and technology companies can together advance patient outcomes. Founded in 1956, Tian Tan Hospital specializes in neurosurgery and comprehensive stroke mnagmeent. With over 30 clnical departments, 11 adjunct departments, and strong research base; Tian Tan services over 1 million outpatients and 30,000 inpatient admissions per year. Beijing Tian Tan Hospital, with its affiliation to Capital Medical University, is China’s leader in stroke prevention, management, and intervention.

logo-anzhenBeijing Anzhen Hospital

Beijing Anzhen Hospital is a strategic clinical research partner of Enable Imaging. The hospital was founded in April 1984 with the vision of creating a premier hospital facility in China that could provide a full range of medical services while advancing China’s capabilities and technologies in treating heart and lung diseases. With affiliation with Capital Medical University in Beijing, Anzhen Hospital places special focus on cardiac surgery, cardiology, pediatric cardiology & cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, respiratory medicine and emergency medicine. Beijing Anzhen Hospital is accredited in China as a grade III, class one hospital; and comprises approximately 2,713 employees, including more than 300 high-ranking or senior professionals, 1,112 beds, and 43 clinical and technical departments.

logo-cimingCiming Heath Checkup Management Group

Enable Imaging enjoys a strategic commercial relationship with Ciming, a leader in private health checkups in China. Founded by Hu Bo and Han Xiaohong, Ciming is one of the three largest private clinical networks in China. With over 70 outlets and more than 6,000 employees, Ciming provides premium health services to almost over 2 million people per year. Over the past decade, Ciming has become synonymous with excellence in spotting, diagnosing and treating early, as well as holistic and comprehensive private health services.

The University of Western Ontario (Western University)logo-western

Established in 1878, Western is on one of Canada’s oldest teaching universities. Located in London, Ontario, it is Canada’s sixth-largest university and encompasses the full gauntlet of academic subjects. Western, is affiliated with the London Heath Sciences Network of clinical teaching hospitals and a trial ground for new academic clinical discoveries.